Meet all features of Argos ID with single integration method

Instant verification 

  Simple Web SDK with Javascript

  One click to identity verification 

  Biometric information included  

Global Identity  

  Over 1,800 ID document AI support

  Certified face recognition tech

  Level 2 PAD Liveness  

Multi blockchain

  ETH, SOL, MATIC etc 

  Multi wallet connect 

  User own control (Non-custodial) 


  User profile with Argos ID 

  Control the access manager  

  Set your own Opt of verification  

Useful for Risk Based Analysis

  Over 1,000 Watchlist resources

  AML Flag, Risk Icon, Risk level 

  AML Report for screened result 

Compliance & Security  

  Travel Rule & hosted Wallet 

  User owned control Digital ID  

  GDPR compliance   

Fullstack Inc. (South Korea)

ArgosKYC Inc. (United States)